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RED RIVER RANGE is one of the series of THE THREE MESQUITEERS westerns. The first time I saw this picture was on WPIX ch 11, in NYC in the 1960s. My father was turning on ch 11 as he must have seen these film in his early teens in the theaters during the late 30s. The music and sound caught my ears so I started to watch this series. I do not remember the print quality that was shown at that time, but tv stations as far as I know were using 16mm prints.

The next time I saw this movie was over cable on TBS one Saturday morning during the late 80s or early 90s. It appeared to be a "decent" quality 16mm print with decent sound quality.

Well, on Jan 13, 2007 in the latter part of the morning AMC premiered a print of this film. This print was drop dead black and white gorgeous with the nifty RCA recorded hi-fi sound that Republic Pictures used in the 1930s. This is one of the best OATERS of the series with the fabulous music of Willam Lava, a combo of adventure and comedy that only Republic could do, and John Wayne at his finest(IMHO he was the best in this B series over all the A films he made). If you are a fan of this series, keep a watch out for a repeat of it.

Only a few things marred the presentation:

There has been recent audio dropouts on all the cable stations that I receiver from Comcast. It is a Comcast problem or a satellite problem. I have been on cable since 1978, and have never experienced this particular problem.

The ususall Logo and commericals that AMC has that they once were a logo free and commerical free station.

Either the video tape that was presented to AMC had a defect that caused pixelation or the heads of their digital vcp need a cleaning.

One or two scenes repeated a part of themselves for a second or two.

I would like to see a 35mm digital mastered print of OVERLAND STAGE RAIDERS.

AMC reran Red River Range on 2/13/07. There were no video and audio problems with the transmission. Minus one or two editing thingys that I saw in this film, it is the most perfectly made B-film of this or any series that I have ever seen. The photograhy of the action and scope of the scenes though black and white is first rate. The musical editing is first rate with a stunning score by William Lava. I have a saying WHEN A FILM IS THIS GOOD, YOU CAN EAT OFF THE CELLUOID.
It's that good. KELSCI
Keep up the good work.
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