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I started watching this show when it premiered in the early 1990s. It is now going into its "upteenth'' series. It is basically a formula show that in such a way, each show is basically the same as the previous one, yet with all the chapters that have been made, there is something diversly entertaining about it. I am not as crazy about the current series that have been running as opposed to the original MMPR production, but it is nice escapism. There are nifthy special effects that have gotten even better from series to series. On some episodes, I thought the effects were dazzling to say the least. Basicially this series has elements from kung fu movies,Godzilla movies,Ultraman,The Mysterians,Battle in Outer Space, Gamera and name not what. I have to say that Toei is a pretty nifty studio, sort of like Toho, but exceeded in some areas over Toho. I have liked all the actors who have portrayed villains and rangers alike. One however can admire Jason David Frank who played Tommy in MMPR which brought him a certain kind of fame and his reemergence in Power Rangers Dino Thunder as Dr. Tommy Oliver.
Frank came to a shopping mall in Pompano Beach, Florida, however not too many people got to see him because of the traffic jam that was created on to road to the mall. Parking at this mall is never too great because it was always crowded on a weekend to begin with. A new Power Rangers series will begin in Feb 2006, and I will watch that. I do not give a damm if I am 59 years old. If you like this series, you might like some of the stuff that I mentioned earlier. In addition, if you have never scene the following that I am going to mention, you might want to give it a shot: Flash Gordon Series-1936-1938-1940;Zorro's Fighting Legion-1939;Zorro Rides Againg-1938;The Fighting Devil Dogs-1938; The Crimson Ghost;1946;The Three Mesquiteers-1936-1939; and there are others that I just cannot think of for the moment.

Hi kellsci. Thank you for dropping by my blog. My grandma passed away 3 years ago, so I sort of get what you meant.

Death is a phase of life which everyone will eventually get to. Being dead in the flesh is not the bad part. Living hell is even worse.

Of course, when the time comes for us to be with The Lord, no matter what sort of circumstance I'm in, I'll still give thanks and praise to Him.

Every bad experience is a learning experience. How my life will be is determined by my actions.

I guess the dead has nothing more to deal with when they are dead. It's the living that will have to bear with the pain, the anger and the agony of losing the part of us that we hold so dear to our hearts.

May The Lord bless you and fill your days with His Joy and Peace.
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