Friday, December 09, 2005



I was staying the winter in Florida in 1951-52 due to my brother's ill health. An older boy took me to what was my first movie theater experience that I could recall on Miami Beach. I saw a Tarzan movie that I have determined to be one that starred Lex Barker. I also saw Flash Gordon-1936 and Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars-1938. I was enthralled with the sound effects and music of these films. All this music still remains my favorite today. I like one particular theme that really comes from the movie THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN. A few years later, I saw FLASH GORDON CONQUERS THE UNIVERSE on television. I was obsessed up to a few years ago with these films, looking for some way to cheaply own them. The advent of the vhs vcr helped those matters to some degree and I do have many complete chapters recorded from all three series. These films would eventually be more signifcant then they have been made out to be over the years due to their influence on George Lucas. Their influence has built a film,audio/video,visual and sound effects empire created by this man. Surprisingly, I do not own the DVD box set of these three films. My health is such that I am not too interested and obsessed with all this science fiction, audio/video hoopla as I use to be. If one is interested in science fiction films, the Flash Gordon series is a must see to really understand historically what took place in the cinema.

I know that fish is good for me but I've never liked the taste. I keep trying it though hoping maybe that will change. haha.

You asked why I had to watch Young Frankenstein for my English class. We read the book, which was really good, and then he wanted us to watch any movie that had Frankenstein's monster as a character in it. Then we had to write a pop culture paper explaining how the monster has changed over the years, why we think that is, and what different messages are sent out between the two. It was pretty interesting.
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