Monday, December 12, 2005



Once upon a time, in the 1930s, Republic Pictures made a series of westerns under the banner of THE THREE MESQUITETEERS. This was a trio of cowboys who rode the range, hearded cattle, and fought for good against evil. All this was done against of comadre of lucious musical scores in these films. One of the characters, Stoney Brooke was played in a few of these films made in 1038 and 1939 by John Wayne. I think that these low budget quickies were his best movies. The trio reminds me a bit of THE THREE MUSKETEERS characters one sees in those movies. Tonite, I pulled out a tape and watched from 1939,THREE TEXAS STEERS and WYOMING OUTLAW. "Outlaw" featured a star, Don "Red" Barry, who was great in this nifty little oater. Barry in this and later westerns he made reminds me alittle of James Dean. I really cannot express myself in giving a description of this series of films. You have to see some of the films to understand. Either you like them or you do not. Although the series ran I believe to 1943, I only care for this series through 1939 and featured the two primary characters, Stoney Brook and Tucson Smith played by Robert Livingston, John Wayne and Ray "Crash" Corrigan. You can find out more about the series by visiting the website; http://www.the old corral. Some of the fabulous music in this series can be found on a CD called SHOOT EM UPS.

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