Monday, May 08, 2006



On Sat, May 6,2006, I was channel surfing when I hit AMC. They were playing an old western that I could not seem to indentify. As I countinued viewing, it turned out to be a 1936 western with John Wayne. I had never seen this one before. I thought it might be a Republic Pictures western. Some of the music that I was familar with played here and there throughout the film, music I usually associated with Republic Pictures. I had never seen KING OF THE PECOS. I thought it was a darn good B western. I thought it might have been made alittle bit earlier than a similarly styled John Wayne Repubic Pictures western called THE LONELY TRAIL. One of the actors in PECOS was in TRAIL, so I looked up his history on the IMDB which seemed to verify my thinking. These two movies would make a good double feature. I have scene TRAIL on AMC. Both pictures look like they were digitally mastered in both video and audio. The video was excellent on both. The sound was good on PECOS and very good to excellent on TRAIL.

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