Monday, July 21, 2008



This series is turning out to be a nice show. To the producers of this series, great goings. I like the idea of going down to three Rangers. The music is great especially the oriental themes. Someone was watching the way Republic pictures did their serials to some degree. It is also amazing how you people come up with these storylines year after year and bring intrigue and multiplicity into the scripts. Great going. Love the designs of the monster characters as well. Love the tongue and cheek dialogue as well, too.

I have added this entry on 11/9/2008 as this series is still going on. This series has just been nothing short of fabulous for a Power Ranger series doing just what I said in my first paragraph. It is quite amazing how this series does such great special effects and costume designs of the mosters year after year and series after series. What creativity!!. I also listen to this series in Dolby Prologic 2 Movie. Outdoor scenes fill the room with very natural sound in all speakers completely around the room. There is alot of ambience in many scenes as well and music surrounds my room with these shows. The overall surround sound could be better, but it is not bad at all. The color photography is first rate and has been since the inception of the power ranges series. The actors in just about all the series have been great and in this series have just been fine with RJ stealing the show as well as Kelson Henderson's voice of Flit the fly. Of course there are always some group of monsters that have some kind of "power" greater than the last group that were eliminated but that is the fun of these shows. Great going; producers of the Power Rangers. GREAT.

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