Monday, March 15, 2010



I have been transferring my video tape recordings to dvd-r. In 1982, I had my first vcr into service for a hum problem, a Panasonic 1275. For 4 weeks, I rented some kind of a Sharp vhs vcr. Videowise it was not as good as the Panasonic but fortunately audio wise, the linear audio was quite clean and distortion free. I have just tranferred the only recording of OVERLAND STAGE RAIDERS that I was able to tape onto dvd-r the other day and it came out pretty good. Better than nothing. The film was shown in "pieces" from a obvious 35mm print(the other looked like 16mm from NTA) but came out hazy from REPUBLIC PICTURES THEATER that was shown in my area for some 6 months or so. I am not going to bother any more with that recording though it was recorded in vhs hi-fi.

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