Monday, March 15, 2010



I am transferring my Flash Gordon series recordings onto dvd-r; whatever I have of them. The last 6 chapters of the 1940 series was shown without interuption by a local station here in the mid 1980s. The transfer except for some minor "tearing"here and there came out very good with excellent audio on the dvd-r. I used my Panasonic 1275 for that recording and it was a great machine. I plan to transfer TRIP TO MARS but that will be involved because some chapters for some strange reason had buzz when there was a blaze of white light in the film on one or two chapters. The AGC on the machine did not handle something properly or there was a signal overload from the station. I am also missing chapter 4 because I did not get up to record it the night that chapter was on. I do however have the dvd set from Hearst and I might dub some chapters in where my recordings were not well taken but I have to have the patience to do so.

One thing that did occur was that I sent a postcard into the host of the late night show explaining the music titles. That I recorded as he gave me credit for that. Ah Ha, Flash Gordon notoriety, and I deserve it.

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