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Some months back, I watched THE WIZARD OF OZ on either TBS or TNT in high def. I had read that the print of this film was remastered from the original negatives. When I watched the film, I thought the picture quality was awful. The new stereo soundtrack however was awsome to say the least to a film that was made a year before FANTASIA which was the first multi-sound stereo film made. I could hear the cyclone going from my left to my right speakers. Well done, Warners on the sound, not so on the picture.

A few nights ago, TBS played THE WIZARD OF OZ. Well, this looked more like it. It felt like the film was made yesterday with its digital restoration. Much of the film looked astounding particularly at the witch's castle. The "melting scene" was more superb than it ever was. The costumes of the monkeymen and guards at the castle were stunning in detail and color. If this is the print that went onto a blueray disc, it should be astounding. On top of that was that fine re-done mono into stereo soundtrack which I believe is 5.1 on the Blueray disc. Warner's; you really did a great job on this one.

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