Sunday, February 05, 2012

In 1952, I was in Miami Beach. I was 6 years old. One day, an older boy who lived in the building took me to a theater on Miami Beach. That day we saw a Tarzan movie but then I saw something else. They played FLASH GORDON 1936 and FLASH GORDON'S TRIP TO MARS. I was particulaly impressed by one piece of music used in the latter serial. It actually orignated from THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN. This piece can be heard at the following:

SILVA RECORDS; THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN; TRACK 7,FEMALE MONSTER MUSIC. There is only one problem with this musical piece on this CD. At 2:58, the segment is played once and not repeated like a coda in music. So in effect, on my favorite piece of all time there is an error.

Fortunately, the above is played correctly on the following:
CHILLER-Telarc-Track 11-THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN- 1:44 to conclusion.

I would almost call the next piece a tie with the above. I first heard it around 1962. Channel 11 in New York City used to play THE THREE MESQUITEER westerns at 11 am every Saturday. One particular theme caught my attention and is my favorite from Republic Pictures.

My third favorite piece of music was composed by Ikura Fukube. I do not know if there is a CD out with his sci-fi music containing this piece. The piece of the main action theme from THE MYSTERIANS. It is possible to get a video and music recording on youtube. I was able to get the music by letting a computer program separate the music from the video and convert it to both a MP3 and Wav file.

While not necessary my favorites, these two next pieces I think are the most popular recogized pieces today and for many years. Number one is the STAR WARS theme by JOhn Williams. Tied with STAR WARS but a vocal as well as a stand alone piece of music is OVER THE RAINBOW sung by Judy Garland.

Both Universal and Republic studios in the 1930s had a host of great music that accompanied many of their films.

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