Friday, February 17, 2012



The other night on the FX-HD channel I watched the 2009 Star Trek film. The two things I liked was the cast which mimicked the orginal series characters to a tee though I was not impressed all that much with Chris Pine(his father was the captain in CHIPS).

The only part of this mishmash story that was credible was the appearance of Lenoard Nimoy as Spock who was sent back in time by the Romualan villain because Spock was inadvertenly responsible for the destruction by RED MATTER that consumed the planet Romulus. This villain in the future to get even with Spock destroys the planet Vulcan with red matter.

I found the rest of this story to be uncredible in all its facets The movie lacked the finesse of the original series and next generation movies.

This film did win actors ensemble awards which overall it deserved. One thing I do not understand was the death of Spock's mother. In the original series she was alive with his father, Sarak. Am I missing something.

The razzle dazzle special effects seemed overblown as against the tv series. Let's take STAR WARS. George Lucas made revisions over the older films by updating certain special effects which should have been left alone and not needed since it was my belief that the films were perfectly edited to begin with(Episodes 4,5 and
6). True that Episodes 1,2, and 3 had access to advanced special effects but they did not seem outrageous and blended in perfectly in the whole series.

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